Rhythm of the Unseen, is an international collective of artists who celebrate of photographic expressionism.  Artists in the group hail from the US, Canada, Great Britain, Latvia and The Netherlands.

The name of the group — Rhythm Of The Unseen — encapsulates the approach and vision of the  artists. Like the abstract expressionist painters before them, their work is diverse and approaches photography in unique ways, eschewing the camera’s ability to capture reality and replacing it with techniques that challenge that reality. They use a variety of in-camera techniques, such as multiple exposure and intentional camera movement (ICM), along with post-processing methods, as a way of abstracting shapes, eliminating detail and revealing the unseen in their images. They wield their cameras like a paintbrush, value spontaneity and improvisation and work in a way that while controllable to a certain degree retains a strong element of unpredictability and serendipity. The resulting works often turn the accepted notion of what a photograph is on its head.

The artists met in 2020 while participating in an intensive year-long program exploring the intersection of photography, abstraction and creativity taught by British photographers Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery. This is the third exhibition in their ongoing collaboration.


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